Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tony Conboy Blog Introduction

My name is Tony Conboy. I come originally from Castlecoote, five miles west of Roscommon town in County Roscommon. I have been in Boyle since 1972. I was a teacher of St. Mary’s College Boyle. I am currently employed, on a seasonal basis, as a guide at Boyle Abbey. I feel that I have found my niche there. My most consistent social interest through the years has been the GAA. This is an inherited regard. In 1990 the History of the GAA in the County, of which I was Editor, was published. If I saw a copy of it for sale now I would buy it! Over the years I have written a number what I’ll call essays. I have wanted to collect them for some time and perhaps put them between covers. This is the reason why I am embarking on this blog. I make no claims for the quality or consistency of these pieces and would be interested in feedback. I have opened, somewhat unusually, with a piece by someone else i.e. Father Henry Tonra writing on his experience of a morning as headmaster at St. Mary’s. I have always held Father Tonra in the highest regard and his history of Ardcarne Parish is just great. A number of these pieces were up on realboyle a number of years ago but I am going to try and do better this time. How many times have I used the phrase, ‘could do better’? There will be glitches here as I navigate and get to grips witht the nuances of a few technicalities! Hopefully I'll be able to delete that sentence soon!

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